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Lexie's Story

Growing up, Lexie always had a passion and love for dogs. After completing her dancing career on cruise ships and settling down in Burnaby, B.C., she began looking for her new K9 friend. She set out to try and ensure that she was prepared with all the best tools and knowledge for training. However, after finally getting her dog, Indigo, she quickly began to realize that this dog had more challenges to work through than she had originally thought. She knew she needed professional help. 

Getting into a training class that was not indoors, having dogs interact with each other, and building a bond were some of her prerequisites. After finding Hustle Up Dog Training, she quickly realized this was everything she was looking for. Seeing such a big difference in her dog, and the many others in class, her passion for training began to bloom. She made it her mission to help anyone who needed it, with problems that are big or small. 

Since becoming a certified BPCTE, Lexie has offered a variety of services including, but not limited to, Private Dog Training, Dog Walking, and Group Training Classes all over the lower mainland. 

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